Payment Guide

Due to the frequent questions we receive on a daily basis concerning payment methods, we have decided to bring in this page to simplify procedures for our esteemed clients. Consider this page as the heart of this shop, so we advise that all customers should carefully go through this page before making a purchase, as this will ease your activity on our platform.

When dealing with cocaine and products of this category we make safety and being anonymous a top priority and payment methods is a key part in achieving a safe place.

 NOTE: Packages are only shipped out upon confirmation of Payment!!!

Payment Methods

Our only forms of payemt are Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Dogecoin and global payment apps like SendWave, WorldRemit to our secure untreaceable offshore accounts . Below is a guide o how to buy Bitcoin from different Bitcoin apps and websites

You can buy Bitcoin from various different apps such as the Edge AppPaybisCoinbaseCoinspot


Payment guidelines stated on this page are the frequently used payment methods by thousands of our clients to enable discreet and quick delivery. If you don’t see some payment methods here, that doesn’t mean we don’t accept such form of payment. We always recommend you contact us with your queries in case you find anything confusing on this page and website in general.

Note: All payments are not automatic, so regarding all our payment methods, you will have to manually send payment.


Bitcoins Payment.

Crypto currency is the most trusted methods of payment worldwide and mainly accepted by every major business dealing with illegal products out there.For lovers of the crypto currency world , we provide you the possibility f paying through the most popular and safest crypto currency. However, note that Bitcoins is not first time friendly so if you do not already have a Bitcoins account and/or Bitcoins then contact us to walk you the payment process.

How To Pay Through Bitcoins.

Bitcoins is the safest method of payment online since it is untraceable and not regulated by any banking authorities. However, if you have a Bitcoins account and/or Bitcoins then you already know how to send payments so all you will need will be our Bitcoins wallet address which will appear on the screen after the checkout page if you select Bitcoins Payment on the checkout page. However, if you do not already have an account then you can simply and quickly sign up with www, and buy bitcoins instantly or also from and we be good to be within minutes


Below are video guides on how to buy Bitcoin from each of these apps and websites

How To Buy Bitcoin From

How To Send Money With WorldRemit

How To Buy Bitcoin From

How To Send Money With SendWave

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